Enabling our Ambitions together- Our collaboration with PSV

Our partnership with PSV is a perfect way to establish our name outside of the IT world. As an official training kit Partner our name adorns the outfits the A players wear while training.

From the training ground 

Together, driven, results-oriented, venturous and aware: How do the PSV players view our core values? In the miniseries “From the training ground” five players tell you how they view one of our core values and how they translate it onto the field. 

Driven - Olivier Boscagli

Olivier Boscagli: “You can start with nothing and finish your career with something really good. I’m a perfect example because it took me a long time to reach my ambition and my goals.

Entrepreneurial - Mario Götze

Mario Götze: ”Being entrepreneurial means to understand the situation and position you are in and try to maximize the possibilities you have. To see the bigger picture and to make the most out of it.“

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Results -oriented - Jordan Teze

Jordan Teze: "Achieving the best results means a lot to me. I will always strive to get the best result possible. With 70% or 80% every now and again I am content, but I will always aim for 100%."

Together - Marco van Ginkel

Marco van Ginkel: “For me ‘together’ means being a team. Off course there are a lot of individual qualities and players that can make a difference. But eventually you always have to do it together. Together you can reach results.”

Being conscious - Noni Madueke

Noni Madueke: ”Being conscious means to me being in the best state of mind to perform. I’m someone that puts a lot of pressure on myself. So recently, I’ve been learning that you can’t always just be at your best. And when you are not, you have to just do other things that make you still valuable to the team.” Net als PSV zijn wij ons bewust van onze verantwoordelijkheid en maken we ambities waar.

PSV Benefits for employees

As a Ctac coworker you also profit from our collaboration with PSV! You get an official Training shirt and you can go to games. We venture to PSV for our own events as well, for example we went to the stadium for the Kick-off of our own Ctacademy last may. 

Why PSV?
Like PSV we enable ambitions. We enable the ambitions of both our clients and colleagues. All our coworkers are encouraged to grow and develop on a personal and professional level. Vitality, continuous learning and personal leadership have a central position in this process. We have been a PSV Business member for years and we are partnered with the High Tech Software Cluster Brainport Eindhoven. 

The connection to the region is a warm one and the collaboration with PSV helps us to focus our efforts towards young, talented people, who aspire to have a career in IT. We feel connected to PSV through their drive, the determination to win and their club community; working together towards the moment that ambition, craftsmanship, experience and enthusiasm strengthen each other. 

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