The Ctac Culture

We are approachable, practical and solution-oriented. Our core values? Together, enterprising, result-oriented, aware and driven. That is our identity. And that is where you contribute in your own way and with your own talents!

Working with ambition: a piece of history
Enabling your ambition. That is our motto for helping our customers achieve their ambitions through innovative technology. We have been doing this since we were established in 1992. Since then, Ctac has become one of the largest ICT service providers in the Benelux, with hundreds of employees serving our customers every day. Together, we develop smart, optimally integrated solutions based on the innovative software of market leaders SAP and Microsoft, as well as other well-known technology suppliers.

Shape your ambitions

Our promise to help people achieve their ambitions certainly does not apply to our customers alone. We also offer our employees many opportunities to further shape their ambitions and bring them to life. When you choose Ctac, you choose a place that has room for your talents and ideas. A place where things are not set in stone and where you are given the freedom and responsibility to create your own path. And a family place with open and transparent communication and experienced, engaged and enthusiastic colleagues.

Working to be the best version of yourself
Without good, enterprising people, we wouldn't get anywhere. That is why Ctac pays a lot of attention to your personal and professional development and offers you all kinds of development opportunities. Ctac gives you plenty of room to make a difference by spotting and taking advantage of opportunities and by making yourself indispensable to the customer. Ctac offers many education and training opportunities. We work with you to see which building blocks you need to build a future-proof career. Working to be the best version of yourself: that is what we are all about.

"At Ctac, communication is open and transparent and there is a strong we-feeling. If you are stuck and you want to spar with a colleague, no problem. You can easily get in touch, and people are usually willing to help straight away."  

"Your personal development never stands still, so there's no limit to your ambition. It isn't so much a step up the job ladder, but advancement in what I do. Always getting better, and I don't see any ceiling there view." 


Standing still is moving backwards, particularly in our fast-paced digital world. That is why Ctac contributes to the development of its employees in several ways.

Our own Ctac learning environment! Ctacademy has built a targeted portfolio of attractive training courses and workshops, for example to develop consultancy competencies, knowledge and practical skills. Our own senior employees will train you, because who can explain things better than they can? In May we kicked off a comprehensive educational programme.  

Talent & Career programme
Working on your talents! That is at the heart of our T&C programme. Employees are offered various tools to further develop their talents and set a target. During this programme, you develop soft skills and you work on your own project to improve Ctac. 

Consultant Bob van Dal: "The Talent & Career programme will open your eyes. You learn to take different theoretical approaches to analyse everyday problems and challenges, and to look at these problems and challenges from a different perspective. Doing this together with motivated colleagues is very energising!"

Working at Ctac?

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